Valuations are a critical element of successful gift, estate and tax planning strategies. Gryphon Valuation Consultants provides objective third-party valuation opinions for such purposes.

Bigstock_47606302Each report we produce necessarily assumes that the conclusion of value will, sooner or later, be challenged. Our opinions of value are well-reasoned and thoroughly documented. Therefore, each comprehensive report is intended to be self-supportive on its own merits.

However, should any valuation conclusion need to be supported due to litigation, mediation or other circumstances, Gryphon stands ready to deploy whatever resources are necessary to support our conclusions and, if necessary, testify to the findings and conclusions within the report.*

Our experienced team can provide you with a variety of valuation and appraisal services, including the following:

  • Valuation of Closely Held Company Shares
  • Valuation of Interests in Limited Liability Corporations
  • Discount Studies for Lack of Control and Lack of Marketability

*Gryphon Valuation Consultants, Inc. provides litigation support services under a separate engagement from that of the valuation engagement.